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By using DW Hoppers you can eliminate material handling challenges such as contamination, storage of colors, dust control with regrind, housekeeping and most importantly, to increase production and eliminate waste.

You may need more "OT" to become competitive. Not Overtime, Operational Technology! 

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Vacuum Hoppers


As a manufacturer of hoppers, we’re often asked “How do I choose the best Material Handling System for my operation?”  According to our customers, the answer depends on how you handle your materials. By using the DW Hopper, our customers were able to migrate from cardboard Gaylords to improve material handling challenges, including but not limited to:  Contamination reduction, Storage of colors, Dust control with regrind, Housekeeping and the most importantly, to increase production and eliminate waste. ROI for the hoppers can be achieved in 16 to 20 months.



Return on Investment

Super Sack


Unloading Super Sacks into DW Hoppers will save you time and increase your production.

DW Hopper Freedonia
Proven Results


Consider all the cost associated with running your facility.  We have.

DW Hopper Inventory


Ever wonder what material was in those boxes in the corner.  Color Code your inventory.





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